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Acta Marine sells subsidiary Van Laar

September 28, 2009

As per September 18th 2009, Acta Marine have sold their subsidiary Van Laar Scheepvaart to Swets ODV Group.


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New ultra-shallow workboat delivered to Acta Marine

September 04, 2009

On September 4th, 2009 Acta Marine has taken delivery of their latest newbuilt workboat, named Coastal Discovery. The new ship measures 35 by 12 meters with the superstructure situated on one side of the vessel, thus creating a very large open work deck.

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Acta Marine locates underwater cables

March 27, 2009

Acta Marine was contracted by a major energy network operator to locate and map 150 underwater cables that lay under several canals in the Province of Groningen.

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Acta Marine orders a new ultra shallow draft workboat

March 16, 2009

Acta Marine is expanding her fleet with a new, ultra shallow draft workboat. This versatile vessel is particularly aimed for work on projects in the offshore energy market, like oil & gas, cables & pipelines and offshore wind farms.

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Acta Marine as container carrier in West Africa

March 01, 2009

For many years Acta Marine has been active in the coastal waters of West Africa. At this moment 5 workboats are being operated in this area, in cooperation with our regional partner Almatug. Usually these workboats are being deployed for supporting tasks at projects for the development of ports and maritime infrastructure or oil & gas projects.

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Acta Marine orders two new crewboats

November 14, 2008

Acta Marine has placed an order for the construction of two new crewboats. The two identical aluminium vessels of 13.5 m. length will be capable of transporting up to 12 persons with a speed of 30 knots.

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Coastal Worker lowers power cable for Belgian beaches

November 12, 2008

Acta Marine’s multi purpose vessel Coastal Worker has successfully lowered 400mtr of power cable. The client chartered the Coastal Worker for remedial lowering of the power cable connecting the Thornton Windfarm to the Belgian shore facility near Ostend.

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Cable lay project in Wadden Sea tidelands, Germany

June 18, 2008

Starting end of May, our vessels Sara Maatje III, V, X , XIIb and Sara Maatje XVI are being employed on a project of laying two new power cables in the Wadden Sea tidelands in Germany. The cables are being installed between the oil production island Mittelplate and Friederichskoog, a distance of approximately 8 kilometres through very shallow waters.

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Coastal Guardian, Coastal Service and Sara Maatje XIV at work in St.Petersburg.

June 03, 2008

Our ships Coastal Guardian, Coastal Service and Sara Maatje XIV left Harlingen on the 24th of April for an ongoing project in St. Petersburg in Russia.

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