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DP Multicat

DP Multicats

Acta Marine was the first marine support provider to use Dynamic Positioning technology on smaller workboats – operating DP Multicats since 2009. These vessels are equipped with a certified DP1 system to ensure perfect positioning, enabling vessels to hold position without the use of anchors. As a result, they can work more efficiently and are not affected by obstructions on the seabed. With several DP Multicats in the fleet, Acta Marine is a leading provider of these vessels.


Ultra-shallow waters 

With an operational draft of less than two metres, our DP Multicats are really in a league of their own. Providing large deck space and heavy duty, long reach cranes, they are particularly suited for operations in coastal and shallow waters. Furthermore, we look continuously for the best solutions and innovations in order to improve our fleet to match our clients’ needs.

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Get to know our versatile DP Multicats

Acta Marine operates DP Multicats in various international projects. See what these vessels are capable of:


  • Mass Flow Excavation
  • Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) support & maintenance 
  • Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) investigation 
  • CPT/ Vibrocore campaigns 
  • Cable burial & remedial burial 
  • Seismic support 
  • Geotechnical activities 
  • Backfilling of trenches in shallow waters 
  • Implementation of survey activities 
  • Assistance during port operations and offshore wind farm construction 
  • Dredging activities 
  • Anchor handling