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Escondida Water Supply, Chile

As part of the expansion of a desalination plant designed to produce water for copper processing, the Coastal Chariot assists in the installation engineering, and construction of two seawater intakes and one outfall system in Puerto Coloso.

The scope includes the drilling of three 7 diameter and 11 meter deep shafts in the seabed. For this project the Coastal Chariot was fitted with a four point mooring system with an autonomous HPU set, at Acta Marine’s Den Helder workshop.


Here she departed in the evening of the 11th September, for a voyage to Antofagasta, Chile. After 45 days at sea and covering 7857 nautical miles, she arrived at the destination on the 27th October.


The Coastal Chariot will be deployed as:

  • Dive support vessel, on the four point mooring
  • Concrete transportation vessel, using DP1 capabilities to pump the concrete to a jack-up barge
  • Dredger, also on DP1
  • ROV platform, also on DP1
  • Towing of barges
  • The recovery of the tunnel boring machine
  • General Multicat assignments.


This project has a duration of eight months, will be completed mid-May 2016, and consists of: dive support, transportation, dredging, ROV platform activities, towing barges, recovery of the tunnel boring machine, and Multicat assignments.


Photo's in slider: Raymond Dumee

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