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Expansion Maasvlakte 2

To expand the existing Maasvlakte in Rotterdam, eight of Acta Marine’s vessels were operated in the Maasvlakte 2 project.

The Maasvlakte was increased with 2000 hectares of new reclaimed land. The Coastal Discovery, Coastal Protector, Coastal Boxer, Coastal Guardian, Coastal Warrior, Coastal Power, Coastal Worker and Sara Maatje VIII contributed during the implementation of this project. These vessels carried out activities during the construction of the northern dam.

This project was executed in collaboration with PUMA, had a duration of four years, and was completed in December 2012. The work consisted of: spraying, jetting, assisting the Suction Hopper Dredgers, assisting the Cutter Suction Dredgers with anchor handling, setting the pipeline flush, towing bunkers, shallow water survey, ground clearance and other towing operations.