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Coastal Rambler and Coastal Voyager active in oil and gas project India

Two Acta Marine Shoalbusters – Coastal Rambler and Coastal Voyager – have recently completed a challenging offshore oil and gas project on the west coast of India. The shallow water versatility of the two vessels led to them being used for a wide range of marine support activities.

Coastal Rambler is a 26-metre Shoalbuster with a 2.5 metre draught. Coastal Voyager is 32-metre Shoalbuster with a 3 metre draught. Both vessels are equipped with a moonpool with which the client was able to install and use its on-board survey equipment to perform surveys of the seabed. The contract also included other maritime support activities that saw the vessels’ 140-tonne cranes and powerful bollard pulls being put to use.


Coastal Rambler and Coastal Voyager have since returned to their home port in the UAE to undergo preparations for their next assignments.