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Zohr natural gas project in Egyptian waters

For the second year running, two of Acta Marine’s DP Multicats have been called up for duties on the Zohr natural gas project in Egyptian waters.

Coastal Warrior takes on new project in West Africa

Acta Marine’s 2209 Multicat Coastal Warrior has started work supporting a port construction project in the port of Kamsar, Guinee. The 22-metre long vessel will be performing support duties for a number of jack-up barges carrying out offshore construction works for a jetty extension contract within the port.

Crew Transfer Services 24/7 at RĂ©union Island

Acta Marine Wind Services currently has three Crew Transfer Vessels working on a long-term project at Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean. 

Offshore Performer modified for multiple roles

Offshore Performer has recently started a contract for a dredging and construction company in Morocco.

Coastal Saga deployed as Dive Support vessel

Coastal Saga has been contracted to support a gas production platform called Mibale. During the first days of the project, the vessel had to position two mooring buoys in the Republic Democratic of Congo, within a 30 meters range of the production platform. During this 43-day project, the Coastal Saga once again exceeded the customer’s expectations.

Project Gamba oil export pipeline

The Coastal Discovery and Coastal Voyager execute several operations to replace an oil export pipeline in Gamba.

Mombasa Port Development

The Coastal Guardian was deployed in Kenya for dredging operations in the first phase of the construction of a container terminal.

Suez Canal project

The Multicat 2209 Coastal Guardian is currently operated during a project in the 163 kilometer long Suez Canal.

FSO support project

The Coastal Fighter is operated as support for Single Point Mooring (SPM) and Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) in Cameroon.