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Coastal Guardian project in Oman

This versatile 22m Multicat, was contracted to give marine support towards a contractor working in shallow waters.

Coastal Enterprise to support Seismic survey project

The multifunctional 39m, DP multicat vessel Coastal Enterprise has been deployed in support of a complex seismic survey project in the Red Sea.

Pipeline towage and installation in Abu Dhabi

In summer 2017 Acta Marine was awarded a pipeline towage and installation contract in Abu Dhabi.

Construction of a private artificial island, Qatar

Coastal Rambler (formerly DMS Globe) keeps busy in the Persian Gulf

After finalising a long term charter in the oilfields of Abu Dhabi, Acta Marine’s DMS Globe was contracted to assist a construction project in Qatar. This involved the construction of a private artificial island development. DMS Globe’s effectiveness in shallow water conditions played an important role in the project, ensuring its smooth and efficient completion.

New Port project Qatar

The project New Port at Qatar consisted of the dredging of an access channel and the reclamation of land for a naval base.

Zakum project Abu Dhabi

The Lida and the Coastal Rambler were deployed for the Upper Zakum Project, in which they executed various operations.