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Shallow water

Shallow draft vessels

From our fleet of over  forty  vessels, Acta Marine offers Multicats and Tugs for coastal and shallow water activities.

Their key features? An operational draft of less than two metres and the ability to fall dry. Capable of operating in dredging, coastal defence, port and marine construction, and aquaculture projects, our well-equipped fleet and committed crews deliver tailor-made support for safe and sustainable operations.



All our offshore staff are trained to operate safely in shallow waters. This stems from our location; our home port in the Netherlands is next door to the Wadden Sea. Large areas of this very shallow part of the North Sea, stretching from the north coast of the Netherlands to the west coast of Denmark, fall dry at low tide.

In such demanding coastal and shallow water conditions, Acta Marine’s Multicats and Tugs – in the hands of our experienced captains and crews – are invaluable tools for efficient operations.


Worldwide operations

Acta Marine’s expertise in shallow waters reaches beyond Europe; we own and operate ultra-shallow draft vessels all over the world. Our vessels have been deployed in projects in the Middle East, West Africa, South America, Australia and the Caspian Sea.

We also work with local and regional partners to offer clients customized worldwide solutions.


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