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Acta Marine’s Shoalbusters fleet deployed globally

August 27, 2013

Acta Marine’s Shoalbusters are currently actively deployed in various Regions of the World. Several Maritime & Offshore construction projects have called upon the specialized Shallow draft fleet of Acta Marine.

In Asia the Coastal Victory is engaged upon offshore support activities with a shallow draft pipe lay vessel in Korea and Taiwan. This unique 50TBP Multi-purpose Anchor Handling vessel is well positioned to support new maritime Infrastructure Projects in this growing Region.


In the Middle East, the Coastal Ranger and Coastal Rambler are involved upon the construction of artificial energy islands. Such artificial islands, serve as alternative for oil exploration and exploitation from steel offshore platforms.


Also in the Russian Region of the Caspian Sea, Acta Marine’s latest fleet addition, the Coastal Voyager, is actively involved to support a shallow draft Construction Barge. The project is related towards the construction of several platforms for Oil production in the North Caspian Sea. This works takes place under challenging weather conditions and in ultra shallow waters.


Closer to Acta Marine’s home-base is the Coastal Vanguard supporting a cable lay vessel on the West Coast of the UK. The vessel is preforming Anchor Handling activities in shallow draft waters, for a project related to the construction of an offshore Wind Farm.


Most Contracts, were obtained, following Acta Marine’s recent Fleet expansion program in the Shoalbuster market.