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Acta Marine further expanding its Marine Workboat Services for French Customers

January 15, 2014

Acta Marine B.V. recently decided to open an office in Paris in order to enhance the Marine Services towards its customers.

Mr. Boer will be exclusively operating from the office in Paris, servicing Local & International French customers requiring worldwide workboat support services.Several large infrastructure projects in Africa and the Middle East have created a significant demand for shallow draft support vessels. This partnership gives French customers easy access to reliable and efficient workboat services against international quality standards. 

The DP Multicat ‘’Coastal Discovery’’ has recently been working in French coastal waters upon a CPT/ Vibrocoring Campaign, in preparation of the offshore wind farm construction in France.


Furthermore, the unique Multi-Purpose Vessel ‘’Coastal Saga’’ (former name; Sara Maatje VI) will be strategically relocated to the West Africa market; where subject vessel will be assigned towards a marine construction project in Congo. The ‘’Coastal Saga” will be operating in joint management with our local partner Almatug along with the specialized shallow draft expertise from Acta Marine. The Coastal Saga will be the 5th vessel in this Joint Management vessel deployed on the West Africa Market. Other shallow draft vessels deployed are; Coastal Fighter, Coastal Conquest, Coastal Assistant and Coastal Warrior.


Acta Marine is an independent maritime service provider based in the Netherlands. Acta Marine owns and operates more than 40 workboats for coastal waters and offer them for charter all around the world. Servicing the Marine Construction, Dredging and Offshore Energy industries with a strong focus on projects in coastal and in ultra-shallow waters.