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Multicat support in South East Asia

November 08, 2018

Acta Marine is active in a significant number of international projects. One region in which the company is building up a particularly strong reputation in South East Asia – backed up by the hard work and commitment of the Multicat Coastal Ace and her crew.

For a number of years now, this 26-metre long vessel has been flying the Acta Marine flag in numerous shallow water projects in Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore.


As you would expect from an Acta Marine Multicat, Coastal Ace has performed a wide range of duties. These include dredging support, hose handling, ploughing operations, fuel transfers and, last but not least, anchor handling for a cable lay barge.


“This is such a versatile shallow-water vessel – capable of working in waters of only 2.5 metres deep,” says Sinclair McWilliam. “If your project in South East Asia or Taiwan needs a versatile workhorse with optimal usability of marine assets, the Coastal Ace is the right vessel for the job – generating benefits to the entire project.”




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