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Merkur (MEG 1) Offshore Wind Farm Construction Support

The Acta Orion assisted DEME Group subsidiary Tideway with its cable pull-in, testing and termination campaign at the 396MW Merkur wind farm off Germany. Operating from the Dutch port of Eemshaven, the Acta Orion performed accommodation and W2W services as well as cargo transfers to assist the tower teams, using the cargo functionality on the Ampelmann E-1000 gangway.

Zohr natural gas project in Egyptian waters

For the second year running, two of Acta Marine’s DP Multicats have been called up for duties on the Zohr natural gas project in Egyptian waters.

Acta Orion active in Racebank Offshore UK wind sector

Acta Marine has successfully completed an extensive construction support contract for Siemens Gamesa at the Racebank offshore wind farm.

Pipeline towage and installation in Abu Dhabi

In summer 2017 Acta Marine was awarded a pipeline towage and installation contract in Abu Dhabi.

NordSee One Offshore Wind Farm

Van Oord was contracted to change out the bolts between the monopile (MP) and the transition pieces (TP) of the 54 foundations of the NordSee One Offshore Windfarm in the German Bight in 2016

Coastal Warrior takes on new project in West Africa

Acta Marine’s 2209 Multicat Coastal Warrior has started work supporting a port construction project in the port of Kamsar, Guinee. The 22-metre long vessel will be performing support duties for a number of jack-up barges carrying out offshore construction works for a jetty extension contract within the port.

Crew Transfer Services 24/7 at Réunion Island

Acta Marine Wind Services currently has three Crew Transfer Vessels working on a long-term project at Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean. 

Dive Support Vessel deployed on oil & gas repair project

Acta Marine has taken on a long-term contract off the coast of Democratic Republic of the Congo with an existing client. In response to the client’s specific requirements, Acta Marine has teamed up with Rotterdam-based MPR Marine to offer a multipurpose vessel to carry out the contract.

Offshore Performer modified for multiple roles

Offshore Performer has recently started a contract for a dredging and construction company in Morocco.

Sara Maatje X tests oil recovery system

Acta Marine has been involved in the Mittelplate project since 1981. This is a Drilling and Production Island in the German Wadden Sea that is operated by DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG. Our work there primarily consists of crew transfer and platform supply duties.