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Zakum project Abu Dhabi

The Lida and the Coastal Rambler were deployed for the Upper Zakum Project, in which they executed various operations.

Survey project Hazira

The Survey Catamaran Merijn was active in Hazira, India, where the vessel assisted in the dredging of a channel.

Construction of a deep sea port and access channel

The Coastal Assistant and the Coastal Power were operated during a project in the Indian Dhamra harbor.

Suez Canal project

The Multicat 2209 Coastal Guardian is currently operated during a project in the 163 kilometer long Suez Canal.

Anchor handling support Korea

Anchor Handling Tug the Coastal Victory executed operations to assist the Stingray in a South Korean project.

Phu Quoc Power Link

In Vietnam, the Coastal Victory contributed to the construction and implementation of a submarine power cable link of 56 kilometers.

Coastal Chariot deployed as cable lay vessel

The DP1 Ultra Shallow Draft Multipurpose Support Vessel Coastal Chariot was deployed for the cable laying of various fiber optic cables in British shallow waters. The large deck space, combined with its shallow draft and its excellent maneuvering capabilities had proven to be very valuable for this project.

CPT activities

In Britain and Germany, the Coastal Chariot executed CPT activities for geotechnical research.

Kashagan project

The Coastal Bigfoot was deployed to execute survey operations and to offer general support on the Kasahagan project in the north of the Caspian Sea.