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Coastal Challenger

Coastal Challenger

Coastal Challenger is a DP1 Ultra Shallow Draft Support Vessel. This vessel has a large working deck, a 50 and 80 tonnes winch and a 310 TM crane. Due to the shallow draft and the unrestricted trading area, Coastal Challenger is very suitable for activities in shallow waters.


DP1 Shallow Draft Support Vessel - 3937 hp, 50 & 80 tons winch, 310 tm crane
Dimensions: 37,00 x 11,84 m
Draft: min. 1,53 m - max. 2,12 m, nozzle/rubber ext. below keel plus 0,33 m
Power output: 2895 kW
Propulsion: Twin fpp in nozzles, 1 azimuthing rp in nozzle, 2 x 360 deg. azimuthing bowthruster
Bollard Pull: 37 ton

Projects with Coastal Challenger

Wheatstone LNG project
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