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We are dedicated to sustainability and committed to the Sustainable Development Goals. We apply sound environmental practices, corporate social responsibility, and solid corporate governance.


Acta Marine’s operations increasingly take place within the offshore renewable energy space. In addition, we take part in climate adaptation projects, coastal defence, and other marine support activities on a global basis. We feel a strong responsibility in the decarbonization and greenhouse gas reduction of the offshore value chain.


At Acta Marine, we believe that sustainability is more than just taking care of the climate; it involves looking at the impact we can have on all stakeholders with respect to Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues. By becoming more sustainable, we believe that we enhance our position to contribute to address the big global challenges of our time.


To pursue our ESG ambitions, we have started to revise our existing Vision, Mission, and Values and furthermore have undertaken a materiality assessment. This has provided us valuable input to shape our sustainability strategy, The outcome of this can be seen below.


Based on the the materiality assessment results, we have aligned our goals and objectives with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). Acta Marine is a strong player in the Offshore Energy and Coastal Infrastructure markets. By collaborating with our clients on projects in these areas, we believe we can make a considerable contribution to SDG 7: ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all, to SDG 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, and to SDG 13: Climate action.


With the structuring of our sustainability strategy around the three selected pillars, we can align with the SDG’s as can be seen in the following overview and is key to our strategy.


Our ESG pillars

We work proactively on further reducing our carbon footprint and to establish a more sustainable marine support industry with new technology and work methods, whilst creating transparency and insight.



To be a leading sustainable marine support provider by continuously adapting and improving our services and assets to enhance sustainability and contribute to the decarbonization and greenhouse gas reduction of the offshore value chain.



  • 70% reduction in net CO2 emissions for Scope 1 & 2 in 2050 compared to 2020 emission levels
  • Creating transparency on and insight into current consumption and GHG emission levels
  • Optimize current work practices and continuously investigate and implement emission reducing measures that support our target for 2050


SDG Alignment

With our pillar 1, we align with SDG 13. Climate action and the respective sub targets.

13.2  -  Integrate climate change measures into national policies, strategies, and planning

13.3  -  Improve education, awareness-raising and human and institutional capacity on climate changemitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning


Our performance

In 2020, we initiated and completed our first GHG Inventory following the international standard of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The total of Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions have been 37.147 tonnes CO2e in 2020 and 39.399 tonnes CO2e in 2021 of which about 98% can be accounted for by our fleet of vessels. The increase in emission can be explained because of higher vessel utilisation. Apart from measuring our absolute levels of CO2e emitted, we aim to work towards a more relative measure that can be decoupled from the number of vessels we operate. This will provide more insight on the reduction of emissions realized by our efforts.

On safety we continuously improve the required framework and culture to ensure a safe and secure work environment for our employees and all people we work with and to be a leading company for safety in our industry.


With a long-term vision, we take CARE of all aspects of our business: our clients, business partners and shareholders, our people, our assets, and the environment we work in. The Quality, Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (QHSSE) Policy Statement is the cornerstone of our management system, which follows all applicable legislation, regulations, and relevant industry standards.



Our ambition is to achieve no harm to people, assets, and the environment and to be a leading company for safety in our industry.



  • Promote and stimulate reporting of incidents and ensure a logical ratio in the Safety Pyramid. Keep the LTIFR below 1.
  • Ensure a high standard of operations excellence by maintaining accreditation for the ISO standards 9001, 14001 and 45001. Also maintain the OVID Level 1 compliance.
  • Have all employees trained in cyber security and maintain the organization certified for ISM-Cybersecurity.
  • Ensure Risk Assessment is practiced through all levels in our organization in 2025.
  • Continuously improve the Integrated Management System and establish mobile accessibility in 2023.
  • Continuously improve the Safety Culture. Establish level 3 of the Safety Culture Ladder in 2024 and level 4 in 2028.


SDG alignment

With our pillar 2, we align with SDG 3. Good health and well-being. With this, we want to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.




We strive to be an employer that creates the right conditions for employees to have a long, full and happy career with Acta Marine. enabling sustainable economic growth. We actively develop programs that support our (leadership)teams and further enhance development and wellbeing of our people in a responsible way and create employee engagement.



Recruiting and retaining the right people by being aware of our company’s and candidates’ needs, and by building a strong employer brand and increasing our stewardship.


Our organization will become more sustainable by:

  • Providing staff with training and development
  • Incorporating sustainability into our onboarding process for new employees
  • Offering incentives and recognition for sustainability achievements
  • Policies that promote co-worker cooperation and involvement with the company’s environmental objectives.



  • Establishment of the Works Council by the beginning of 2022
  • Implementation of Leadership Training Program
  • Perform employee satisfaction surveys on a bi-annual basis.
  • Refresh our approach to performance management and talent development  


SDG alignment

With our pillar 3, we align with SDG 8. Decent work and economic growth and the respective sub target.

8.3  -  Promote development-oriented policies that support productive activities, decent job creation, entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation.




  • 70% reduction in net CO2 emissions for Scope 1 & 2

  • Safety Culture ladder improvement to level 4

  • Risk assessment company wide


  • two sustainable CSOV’s equipped for Methanol

  • Safety Culture Ladder improvement to level 3

  • Coastal Liberty converted to Hydrogen operations


  • First ESG report

  • Works Council establishment

  • Materiality Assessment

  • Newbuild Tripple Drive Hybrid DPII Multicat

  • Refit Offshore Waddenzee with Tier III engines + SCR and utilize 100% Biofuel

  • Battery Energy Storage System onboard the Acta Centaurus

  • Leadership Training Program

  • Became part of Green Maritime Methanol (GMM) coalition


  • Revision of Vision, Mission, and Values

  • Emission inventarisation

  • Tier III engines + SCR in our Crew Transfer Vessel

  • Onboard Fuel Efficiency software

  • Achieved compliance with level 1 of the OCIMF

  • Transition to electric lease car fleet

  • Initiate Vitality program

  • ISO 45001 accredited


  • ISO 14001 accredited

  • OHSAS 18001accredited