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Our anchor handling vessels operate in shallow waters
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Acta Marine operates a large fleet of DP Multicats
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Acta Marine vessels deployed in harsh conditions
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The Acta Orion will operate on the Gemini Offshore Wind project this fall
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Our fleet offers support in the construction and maintenance of offshore wind farms
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Acta Marine is the owner and operator of over fifty different coastal and shallow draft workboats. Our vessels operate for a large variety of clients all over the world. Our main markets are however in Europe, the Middle East, the Caspian Sea and Africa.

Acta Marine has extensive experience with shallow water projects. Based on this experience, we are able to offer our clients the best and most effective solutions.

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Dredging & Marine Construction

The Acta Marine vessels are used on a global basis for land reclamation, coastal defense and port construction projects.

Oil & Gas

Acta Marine operates a wide range of coastal and shallow draft vessels in the worldwide Oil & Gas industry.

Offshore wind

Acta Marine operates workboats during the planning, construction and maintenance phase of offshore wind farms in Europe.


Acta Marine’s Middle East office

October 27, 2015

The 1st of October Acta Marine opened the Middle East office. The expected business opportunities in the region are reason to open the office. Acta Marine foresees opportunities in the Oil & Gas market and in the Dredging & Construction market, from historical perspective our main markets.

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Christening Acta Orion

October 23, 2015

Acta Marine and CIG shipbuilding are proud to announce that the new build construction support vessel of the Dutch marine operator Acta Marine “ACTA ORION”, was christened at the naming ceremony held on Thursday 22 October at the port of Harlingen, The Netherlands. 

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Update BlueTEC tidal platform

October 06, 2015

In an interview with Allard van Hoeken – Engineer of the Year and Head of New Energy at Bluewater Energy Services – it became clear that the launch of the BlueTEC tidal platform so far has been ‘a great success’. 

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Our fleet

Windfarm Offshore Support Vessel
Accommodation 80 persons
Dimensions 108 x 16m
DP Ultra Shallow Draft Support Vessel - 2145 hp
45 tons winch
240 tm crane
Multicat Eurocarrier 2209 - 1215 hp
50 tons winch
140 tm crane
Shoalbuster 3209 - 3550 hp
100 tons AHT winch
140 tm crane
Wind Farm Service Vessel
12 passengers
Speed 23 knots
Wind Farm Service Vessel
12 passengers
Speed 23 knots
Catamaran Twin Axe 2610
12 Passengers
Speed 25 knots
DP1 Shallow Draft Support Vessel - 2895 hp
50 & 80 tons winch
310 tm crane
DP1 Shallow Draft Support Vessel - 2895 hp
80 tons AH winch
310 tm crane & 170 tm crane
Multicat Eurocarrier 2008 - 1200 hp
50 ton winch
90 tm crane