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Pushing tin, the maritime way

7 August 2023

While a lot of people have taken the odd flight for the holidays, at Acta Marine we have been pushing tin the maritime way over recent weeks. 

With the wrapping up of some overseas projects, and, at the same time, other projects to start at home and abroad, we’re moving boats over the globe.


Although most of our boats have an unlimited navigation notation on their certificates, it’s not always economically viable to move the smaller units on their own keel, particularly if they need to move over long distances.


The flagship of the multicat fleet, the Hybrid DP-2 vessel Coastal Crown, is currently underway from Taiwan back to the North Sea area. By end-September she’s expected back in Dutch waters; our commercial team is already booking projects from early October onwards.


Her little sister Coastal Guardian, after having spent more than two and a half years in South-East Asia, was loaded onto a carrier vessel over the last weekend in Taichung, Taiwan, to head back to the Arabian Gulf.



The odd one out is the CTV Offshore Progress. The TIER III, Low NOx emission vessel joined the giant transport vessel “Yacht Servant” in Rotterdam, with destination Fos-sur-Mer in the French Mediterranean, where she will be employed on a Floating Wind project over the next weeks.


With worldwide projects being completed at a constant pace, at Acta Marine expectations are that quite a few more vessel movements will happen within the next few months. After a long absence of our DP-multicats in the Arabian Gulf, DP-1 vessel Coastal Chariot is expected to move from the Red Sea area to the Arabian Gulf soon. Coastal Roamer, the shallowest of all shoalbusters, will pass the Suez Canal and Mediterranean on her way back to Europe, open for new challenges after having worked for over eight months near Yanbu in Saudi waters. Coastal Boxer is expected to move from the Maldives back to the Arabian Gulf once the project she’s involved in finishes.


Our vessels in South America are expected to carry on working until end of Q3, after which they may move to other regions again, unless off course we manage to fix interesting new jobs for the boats.


Contact our commercial department at the Den Helder office for detailed information on availability and rates for your requirement.