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BARD 1 Offshore Wind Farm

The Acta Auriga assisted Ocean Breeze Energy GmbH & Co. KG with their Operations and Maintenance campaign at the 400MW BARD 1 offshore wind farm in the German sector. Operating from the German port of Emden, the Acta Auriga performed accommodation and W2W services as well as cargo transfers to assist the tower teams, using the cargo functionality on the SMST gangway and motion compensated crane.

Early spring 2018, the Acta Auriga was added to our fleet to start in direct continuation with the BARD 1 OWF campaign. She was deployed with accommodation up to 93 technicians working on 24/7 schedule. The transfers of the maintenance teams from vessel to TP’s and vice versa are executed with our vessel integrated gangway system with a stepless approach. The landing locations on the TP’s result in a modification at the tip of the gangway to ensure a safe access for technicians for climbing over the railing of the TP.


The optimal workflow design through our vessel result in efficient deployment of the teams onto the TP’s and achieve the planned schedule and KPI’s of our client.

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