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In the changing world we live in, global energy needs are increasing at the same as energy supplies are diversifying. Acta Marine has a proven track record of safe and efficient operations in the oil and gas, and offshore wind sectors. Moreover, these skills will also prove invaluable for emerging markets like tidal energy.



Offshore Wind

We are involved in the whole lifetime of offshore wind farms. This includes comfortable offshore accommodation, cargo transport and storage, and walk-to-work capacity.


  • Preparation and survey (geotechnical and UXO investigations)
  • Construction, installation and O&M
  • Crew transfers and wind farm support
  • Cable and pipeline burial: from two to twenty metres deep

Walk-to-Work fleet


Oil & Gas

Acta Marine is a strong service provider to the shallow water oil & gas industry across several regions, including Europe, Middle East and West Africa.


Ultra shallow draft vessels enables Acta Marine to provide workboat services and support to critical parts of oil & gas infrastructure, requiring access to shallow waters and coastal areas.


  • SPM and FSO support
  • Pipeline construction support
  • Offshore oil exploration
  • Shallow water supply, support and crew transfer
  • Decommissioning support

Coastal Infrastructure

Coastal infrastructure developments will play a vital role in addressing the challenges of our changing world. This includes the issues relating to housing, trade and food. To this end, Acta Marine’s fleet can provide tailor-made support for dredging, coastal defence, port construction and aquaculture projects.


Most our vessels have an operational draft of less than two metres, making them ideal for shallow water activities. What’s more, they can be installed with a diverse array of additional equipment such as deck cranes, anchor handling systems, hydraulic packs and generators.


Above all, our dedicated crews have all the necessary experience to execute projects in a safe and professional manner. Furthermore, we continuously adapt and improve our services to take on the most challenging projects.


Workboats fleet