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Acta Marine’s Offshore Waddenzee cutting on emissions

2 June 2023

Acta Marine is dedicated to sustainability and committed to the Sustainable Development Goals. 

We apply sound environmental practices, corporate social responsibility, and solid corporate governance. As part of the sustainability strategy, Acta Marine collaborates closely with its clients to help make the entire value chain more sustainable. One of those examples has been the vessel Offshore Waddenzee.


Since May 2021, vessel Offshore Waddenzee has been working on a Dutch Wind Farm to perform crew and cargo transfers. To offer a sustainable solution that would be readily available, Acta Marine has repowered Offshore Waddenzee prior to the start of the project. She has been equipped with Volvo D13 Tier III engines that include a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) installation to lower Nitrogen (NOx) emissions.


“The SCR installation lowers the NOx emissions with 73% resulting in a 7,3 ton NOx reduction since the refit or 3,4 ton on average per year, ”explains Julius van der Werf, Acta Marine’s general manager operations. He continues: “Furthermore, the aim is to lower the CO2 equivalent (CO2e) emissions on the project. Therefore, Acta Marine has partnered with GoodFuels to supply Offshore Waddenzee with 100% sustainably sourced Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO). This sustainable marine fuel (SMF) is made from feedstocks that are certified as 100% waste or residue. The application of this fuel results in a well-to-wake CO2e reduction of 80-90% when compared to its fossil fuel equivalent. Since the start of the project, therefore CO2e emissions were reduced with 539 tonnes or between 239 - 276 tonnes CO2e per year.”


Van der Werf concludes: “Reducing our emissions is one of the key pillars of our strategy. Our Offshore Waddenzee’s refit is one of the many initiatives we are taking. We have vessels equipped with battery packs, recently converted one of our vessels to operate on Hydrogen, and we have four vessels inbound that can sail on Dual Fuel Methanol. We look forward to many more industry partners that are striving to make the value chain more sustainable.”