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Coastal Vanguard taking the lead

Acta Marine has a long history in towage. The 3209 Shoalbuster Coastal Vanguard (with her 50 TBP) is one of the prominent tugs that, besides for project related assistance, is also -literally- taking a lead on the towing market. Coastal Vanguard has crossed the Atlantic Ocean several times with different tows, such as a pipe lay barge.

Beach trails successfully completed

The DP vessels Coastal Crown and Coastal Challenger have successfully completed beach trials at Wijk aan Zee on behalf of TenneT for a cable burial campaign scheduled for spring 2022.

Global Tech 1 Offshore Wind Farm

The Acta Orion successfully assisted Adwen with their maintenance scope of work for the wind turbines on Global Tech 1 Offshore Windfarm, in the German Bight. The scope of work included routine inspection of the blades, oil exchange, maintenance of the lifts.

BARD 1 Offshore Wind Farm

The Acta Auriga assisted Ocean Breeze Energy GmbH & Co. KG with their Operations and Maintenance campaign at the 400MW BARD 1 offshore wind farm in the German sector. Operating from the German port of Emden, the Acta Auriga performed accommodation and W2W services as well as cargo transfers to assist the tower teams, using the cargo functionality on the SMST gangway and motion compensated crane.

Working the shallows of the Dutch Wadden Sea

Acta Marine's two most ultra-shallow vessels are deployed in support of the iconic Afsluitdijk Project in the Netherlands. 

Coastal Guardian project in Oman

This versatile 22m Multicat, was contracted to give marine support towards a contractor working in shallow waters.

Coastal Enterprise to support Seismic survey project

The multifunctional 39m, DP multicat vessel Coastal Enterprise has been deployed in support of a complex seismic survey project in the Red Sea.

Borssele: Supporting the whole lifecycle of Offshore Wind Farms

This slogan we use from time to time in the media to emphasize our diverse fleet and the versatility of the services we can perform. 

Windpark Fryslân: Customizing to the fullest

Windpark Fryslân on the IJsselmeer is the largest inshore wind park in the world under construction. Acta Marine is supporting the construction of the project with our crew transfer vessels and ultra-shallow dp1 Multicat Coastal Chariot.

Coastal Vanguard on work trip to Central America

Coastal Vanguard, one of our Shoalbuster’s, has recently completed another trans-Atlantic crossing.