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Walk-to-Work (W2W)

In the offshore renewable energy sector maintaining a high workability is key to success. Since end 2015 Acta Marine has set the standard with its purpose built DP2 W2W construction support vessels.


First vessel Acta Orion was followed by Acta Auriga and Acta Centaurus during 2018 and 2019. By the end of 2020 these three vessels combined have connected the W2W gangway 25,000 times and safely transferred over 115,000 persons.

Acta Orion has meanwhile worked on 18 offshore projects such as Gemini, Racebank, North Wester and Triton Knoll. Acta Auriga served as operations and maintenance vessel at the BARD offshore 1 windfarm until the beginning of 2021. Acta Centaurus supports OWF Moray East during 2021.


Working 24/7 #winterworkablity

Not only does our fleet of DP2 W2W vessels provide a safe and comfortable living environment for offshore technical crews; it also significantly widens the window of operational activity to include less favourable winter months. The vessels' capabilities combined with the crew’s resilience and expertise means that work can be performed around the clock, even in the most challenging conditions.


Raising the bar on productivity and cargo transfer

Productivity can be further improved by utilizing Acta Auriga and Centaurus’ 3D motion compensated cargo crane with a capacity of 6mt. Acta Orion features an Ampelmann E-type system with a 1000kg cargo capacity. Obviously spacious under deck container storage capability allows for efficient and safe (spare)parts handling and logistics on board.


Industrial hospitality

Allowing for 120 persons on board (POB) Acta Auriga and Centaurus are well equipped to cater for large construction or commissioning teams. Our modern accommodation facilities and top-notch catering provide for a comfortable and healthy environment for charterers crews and project management during their comfortable stay on board.




For smaller parties and offshore maintenance jobs Acta Marine’s multicat-type DP utility vessels can be equipped with a gangway system allowing access to boat landings in sea states up to 2 m Hs and accommodate a maximum of up to 12 industrial personnel on board, additional to the crew.”