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Company profile

Established in 1970, Acta Marine works in a broad scope of maritime sectors. Our background is in shallow water projects, but in these four decades we have developed our skills to include a variety of tailor-made services for clients working throughout the maritime sector.

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We operate globally; supporting clients in three main areas. Coastal Infrastructure, which comprises dredging, coastal defence, port and marine construction and aquaculture. Offshore Wind industries, emerging renewable energy markets, and the Oil & Gas industry.


We are a family-owned business. This means that our focus is on building long-lasting relationships with our clients and maintaining the long-term continuity of our services. This includes continual investment in the welfare and training of our personnel as well as in upgrading and maintaining our fleet.


Our fleet includes DP Multicats, Walk-to-work vessels, Tugs, Crew Transfer Vessels, Multipurpose & Survey Vessels, and barges. We own over forty vessels, which help our clients achieve their goals of safe and effective operations, in addition to long-term sustainability and productivity.


At the core of the company is a team of approximately 250 committed and reliable professionals. It is their dedication and expertise that has built our reputation. And it is their passion that makes Acta Marine a company with clear goals for the future.



We live in a changing world. The global population is rapidly expanding – especially in coastal zones. Climate change is having a major impact on coastal regions. The world’s energy demand continues to increase whilst simultaneously moving towards more sustainable sources.


Coastal infrastructure and offshore energy developments are key in facing these challenges. Maritime activities are crucial for the sustainable provision of energy, housing, trade and food for the expanding global population and future generations.


Acta Marine is the trusted marine support partner in developing coastal infrastructure and offshore energy markets.



We deliver excellent marine support for coastal infrastructure and offshore energy markets. As leading marine support provider we add value to our clients and we strive for durable profitability. By continuously adapting and improving our services and assets we enhance sustainability and contribute to the decarbonization and greenhouse gas reduction of the offshore value chain.


We work as a team in an environment of trust, built on safety and expertise, to be a force for good.

Core values

As a family-owned company with long-term focus, we take CARE of all aspects of our business; our clients, business partners and shareholders, our people, our assets, and the environment we work in.



Through long-term relationships with our clients and stakeholders, we cooperate in a transparent way. We are service-orientated, taking care of our clients’ needs and requirements.



Stewardship is in our DNA and we operate in a safe and responsible manner. We take ownership of our actions, of our behaviour and treat people and our planet with respect.



We act with integrity and do everything in our power to maintain our reputation as the trusted marine support partner. We honour our commitments and consistently deliver quality services with care for the safety and wellbeing of all involved and the environment we work in.



We build on our experience in offshore and coastal waters and continuously look for the best solutions and innovations that fit the needs of our clients and the industry as a whole. Utilising our knowledge and expertise, we explore new opportunities, technologies and markets and proactively improve our operations.

Executive board



Rob Boer



Roel van Ess