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Coastal Vanguard on work trip to Central America

Coastal Vanguard, one of our Shoalbuster’s, has recently completed another trans-Atlantic crossing. 

The reason for the trip was to tow a barge for its delivery in Mexico. While in the Central American region, the 32-metre long vessel and crew will be taking this opportunity to carry out a number of other projects for diverse clients.


Acta Marine’s Shoalbusters are quite special. They have the seakeeping capability to confidently take on ocean crossings in safety, and yet they are still able to perform specialist shallow water tasks too. Her technical specs illustrate this point. She is powerful, 3,300HP delivering 50 tonnes of bollard pull, but her 3-metre draft means that she can complete shallow water jobs like anchor handling with ease. In fact, Coastal Vanguard has a solid track record of handling Delta and Stevpris Anchors of up to 15 tonnes.


“Coastal Vanguard is a steady workhorse within our fleet,” says Acta Marine Project Manager Rob Meijer. “With references from the dredging, oil & gas, and renewables sectors, she is the right workboat for your project.”

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