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Windpark Fryslân: Customizing to the fullest

Windpark Fryslân on the IJsselmeer is the largest inshore wind park in the world under construction. Acta Marine is supporting the construction of the project with our crew transfer vessels and ultra-shallow dp1 Multicat Coastal Chariot.

As a result from the area being environmentally delicate and as part of an ongoing investment strategy for a more sustainable fleet, Acta Marine recently repowered two vessels from the CTV fleet with IMO TIER III engines.


TIER III is the shorthand term for new, international vessel & vehicle emissions and fuel standards that will help make big strides towards cleaner, healthier air. TIER III engines are designed to reduce the soot, smog and other types of dangerous pollution that come from the funnels of (our) Vessels.



Both Offshore Progress and Offshore Phantom have been delivered to the Windpark Fryslan construction project. The efforts have paid off whereas the vessels make >21 Knots with


But repowering with cleaner engines wasn’t the only challenge our team had.


As the IJsselmeer is particularly popular among recreational water users, the turbine foundations have to remain inaccessible for boaters from the general public. Therefore the Transition Pieces are not equipped with the usual boat landings and ladders. Both vessels are now equipped with staircases on the bow, allowing technicians and construction personnel easy access to and from the turbines. These staircases have been a result of continuous cooperation and development between all project stakeholders, but the delivery process was managed by Acta Marine staff.