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Coastal Victory and Voyager deployed in the Upper Zakum project

February 01, 2016

Two vessels owned by Acta Marine, the Coastal Victory and the Coastal Voyager, are currently deployed for an offshore project in the Upper Zakum oil fields of Abu Dhabi. These shoalbusters will carry out various operations during this project on several oil fields in this area.

The best tugs for this project

Acta Marine’s customer selected the Coastal Victory and Voyager based upon the multipurpose functionality of both tugs as well as the vessel’s shallow draft and the low fuel consumption. After careful consideration and a thorough ZADCO inspection process the tugs were approved and on their way to Abu Dhabi. The Upper Zakum Oilfield is located approximately 84 kilometres of the coast of the nations capitol. The Coastal Victory and Voyager are exceeding expectations, and are working at the second-largest offshore project in the world.


Highly effective for various projects

The Coastal Victory is of the type Shoalbuster 3009 and is equipped with a 100 tonnes winch, a 170 tm crane and 46 tonnes bollard pull. This Anchor Handling Tug (AHT) can be used in shallow and deep waters, and has executed operations in the dredging & marine construction as well as the offshore wind industry. The Coastal Voyager on the other hand is a Shoalbuster type 3209, built in 2012. The unrestricted trading area and the available moon pool makes it a versatile tug; with a 100 tonnes winch, a 140 tm crane and 48 tonnes bollard pull.  Both shoalbusters provide all-round assistance for the Upper Zakum project during different operations, such as towing activities, survey operations and anchor handling. 

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