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A Tribute to Offshore Provider

April 05, 2016

After ten years of remarkable service it is time for Offshore Provider to embark on a new journey in the South Indian Ocean. In addition, the vessel will be remembered as a pioneer for the, now mandatory, equipment onboard, including AIS and D-fendering bow fenders

Offshore Provider, an Aluminum Catamaran Crew Transfer Vessel, is a part of Acta Marine’s fleet since 2006 and has served various projects throughout the years. She has provided successful services, and was instrumental in developing many of the safety policies and innovations that are standard in the industry today. Offshore Provider will be transferred to La Réunion in the South Indian Ocean, along with Offshore Progress and Offshore Response I.


Safe transport

In 2013 alone, the vessel recorded over 10.000 safe personnel transfers, which is nearly 2.000 more than any other vessel in our fleet that year. This state of the art, purpose built, 14 meter Aluminum Catamaran Crew Transfer Vessel pioneered many of the, now mandatory, equipment onboard, including AIS, Personal locator equipment and D-fendering bow fenders.


The establishment

Offshore Wind Power Marine Services ltd., an operator in the offshore wind crew transfer industry, has been operating a fleet of Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) since 2006. Ten years ago, the owners decided to build a CTV, and with a few modifications on the original blueprint, Offshore Provider was created. Some examples of the changes made are the fact that they increased the length of the hull to 14 meters, chose larger engines such as the Scania D1 12 500hp, and added fitted gearboxes. 


We thank you

Acta Marine is grateful to Offshore Provider for the last ten years of hard work and the safe passage of our seafarers and their passengers. We wish her, and all who sail with her, a safe and prosperous future. 

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