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Acta Marine expands offshore wind farm support and orders two next generation methanol powered CSOVs at Tersan Shipyard

14 June 2022

Acta Marine has signed a contract for the construction of two next generation Methanol MDO/HVO powered DP2 Construction Service Operating Vessels (CSOVs) at Turkish shipyard Tersan with two optional vessels for delivery at a later stage. The vessels are primarily aimed at the offshore wind construction market and carry the new SX-216 TWIN-X Stern design from Ulstein Design & Solutions AS that was exclusively designed for and in cooperation with Acta Marine.

“Acta Marine is growing along with the offshore wind construction market by ordering these two vessels while remaining one of the leaders in this field. The dedicated SX-216 design with a TWIN-X stern, an integrated walk-to-work gangway system and 3D crane and its hotel style accommodation represents a next step in responding to the market needs,” says Rob Boer, Managing Director at Acta Marine. “A first in offshore wind this vessel will be capable of operating on dual fuel methanol and MDO/HVO enabling a strong carbon footprint reduction in the near future in combination with a battery power system. Furthermore, we are very excited that we have been able to sign an agreement with Tersan Shipyard that is well known for its quality and professionalism.”


In-field agility, high operability and workability, safe transfer of people and cargo, optimized on-board logistics, high productivity and high comfort for charterers’ crews are of eminent value throughout the design of this vessel. With a strong ESG and sustainability focus Acta Marine sees methanol as one of the most viable alternatives to minimize her carbon footprint in the marine space and more specifically for offshore vessels. “Dual fuel methanol driven propulsion trains score high in terms of technology readiness and are eligible for further enhancement to a single fuel methanol upgrade at a later stage. This will allow early application of significant CO2 reduction measures now, while still allowing net-zero operations over the life of the ship", states Simon Anink, General Manager at Acta Marine.


The CSOV measures 89 metres in length, 19 metres in width and accommodates up to 135 people in 85 cabins. It will be equipped with an SMST provided Motion Compensated Gangway system, mounted on an integrated tower with height adjustment and a personnel/cargo lift. Additionally, the vessel features an SMST 3D-motion compensated crane with 6t lifting capacity. Cargo area is 500 square metres indoors, and 500 square metres outdoors. The vessel shall provide for walk-to-work transfer of personnel and cargo, efficient and safe in significant wave-heights (Hs) up to 3.0 metres.


“We are very pleased that Acta Marine has chosen Tersan for this project. We are looking forward to the cooperation and to deliver the new vessels to the growing renewables industry,” comments Sakir Erdogan BD Director at Tersan Shipyard.


Acta Marine’s new CSOVs can take on assignments in commissioning and construction of offshore wind farm installation phase and perform maintenance tasks on completed wind farms. The first two vessels are scheduled for delivery Q2 and Q3 2024.


Since its pioneering introduction of Walk to Work vessel Acta Orion late 2015 followed by Acta Auriga and Acta Centaurus, Acta Marine has transferred over 150,000 workers to and from wind turbines and offshore structures in sometimes challenging weather conditions. With these new state-of-the-art additions to the fleet Acta Marine upholds her good name and continues her prominent position in the offshore wind market.