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Acta Marine operates during heavy weather circumstances

January 06, 2012

On the 4th of January our vessel the Coastal Vanguard towed the vessel Allure G, during extreme weather circumstances with hard wind and heavy sea conditions, to the safety of the harbour of Den Helder.

The Allure G endured engine room problems and in order to prevent beaching at Julianadorp, they had to drop anchor. However, due to the extreme weather conditions, with a significant wave height of 4 metres, her anchor dragged. The Coastguard sent their tug Ievoli Black to tow the Allure G to the harbour of Den Helder, but because of the shallow water, the Ievoli Black wasn’t able to reach the Allure G.


Therefore the Coastal Vanguard, which is able to operate in shallow water, came into action to help the Allure G to safety. Getting a towing line from the Coastal Vanguard to the Alure G wasn’t easy, because of the heavy weather conditions. The first attempt to connect to the Alure G failed, due to the fact that the towing line broke. But after a second attempt the connection was made and the Coastal Vanguard was able to tow the Allure G to the safety of the harbour of Den Helder.