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Acta Marine vessels continue their extensive activities on the Dutch Wadden Sea

July 30, 2012

Acta Marine B.V. and Liander recently concluded a long-term contract for the maintenance of all active cable & pipelines on the Dutch Wadden Sea. Acta Marine’s specialized cable & pipeline vessel the Coastal Digger will be dedicated on the Dutch Wadden Sea for the remedial lowering of such Cables and Pipelines.

The Dutch and German parts of the Wadden Sea are registered on UNESCO World Heritage List. This area is characterized by extensive tidal mud flats, deeper tidal trenches (tidal creeks) and islands that are contained within this. This area is continually contested by land and sea, for which Acta Marine is in particularly proud to serve Liander and it’s customers in this unique environment. 


Already for many years Acta Marine has been engaged with Liander for various maritime support activities on the Dutch Wadden Sea. 
Various other specialized vessels from Acta Marine are active upon the remedial burial of Export cables in the Renewables market. 
Acta Marine is an independent maritime service provider specialized in Coastal and Shallow draft projects, a large number of vessels work with an operating draft of less than 2 meters.