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Coastal Chariot

Coastal Chariot

Coastal Chariot is a DP1 Ultra Shallow Draft Multipurpose Support Vessel built in 2014. This vessel has 36 tonnes bollard pull, 2 hydraulic deck cranes, a 310 TM and a 170TM crane and an 80 tonnes winch. This vessel is furthermore known for its large deck area. Because of the shallow draft, Coastal Chariot is very suitable to operate in shallow waters. This vessel has assisted construction projects in the Offshore Wind industry.

DP1 Shallow Draft Support Vessel - 3937 hp, 80 tons AHT winch, 310 tm crane & 170 tm crane
Dimensions: 37,00 x 11,84 m
Draft: min. 1,53 m - max. 2,12 m, nozzle/rubber ext. below keel plus 0,33 m
Power output: 2895 kW
Propulsion: Twin fpp in nozzles, 1 azimuthing rp in nozzle, 2 x 360 deg. azimuthing bowthruster
Bollard Pull: 36,3 ton