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Borssele: Supporting the whole lifecycle of Offshore Wind Farms

This slogan we use from time to time in the media to emphasize our diverse fleet and the versatility of the services we can perform. 

Although we are able to assist in various phases of Offshore Wind Farm construction & Maintenance, it does not occur that often and mostly, we are present at one or two phases thereof. 


However, with the Borssele Windfarms, we have proven our versatility and that we support the whole lifecycle. Below you will find how our three divisions of vessels have supported the windfarms with a small timeline.






  • With our CTV’s, we have been able to assist with the UXO campaign prior to construction of the Wind Farm and starting this year, we will also support the Inter-Array Cabling with crew transfers;
  • Our Workboats have assisted with the dredging of the cable trench and later on, with supporting the installation of all 4 export cables;
  • Our Walk to Work vessels will start this year assisting both the Inter-Array cable campaigns as well as supporting the turbine manufacturer.