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Acta Centaurus

Acta Centaurus

This newbuild vessel will be delivered second quarter of 2019. DP2 Walk to Work Construction Support Vessel offers comfortable accommodation and workspace to 120 passengers including helideck

This vessel offers:

  • Safe people transfer by motion compensated gangway with cargo lifting functionality up to Hs 3.0m
  • 3D motion compesated knuckle boom crane for efficient cargo handling
  • Integrated step-less W2W system for efficient on-board logistics and high productivity
  • Highly optimized hull form with Ulstein X-BOW and X-STERN to offer unmatched workability in adverse weather conditions
  • State of the art hotel facilities to accommodate up to 120 persons and ample deck space for cargo storage (1000 m2)
  • Helideck with D value of 18.0m and a T value (max. allowable weight) of 7.5 ton.
DP2 Walk2Work Construction Support Vessel, Accommodation 120 persons, Helideck
Dimensions: 93.4 x 18 m
Draft: 5.6 m
Power output: 2x1700ekW + 2x940ekW
Propulsion: Stern 2x1500kW azimuth, Bow 1x1040kW tunnel 2x880kW azimuth
Offshore Access: SMST Access & Cargo Tower, Telescopic Access Bridge – L (TAB-L) with 1 T crane function
Offshore Crane: SMST 6t 3D Motion Compensated Crane
Accommodation: 80 cabins. 40 single & 40 double cabins. 120 passengers and crew in total