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Working the shallows of the Dutch Wadden Sea

Acta Marine's two most ultra-shallow vessels are deployed in support of the iconic Afsluitdijk Project in the Netherlands. 

Often working closely together, the multifunctional 39m, DP multicat Coastal Enterprise and our recently acquired 20 TBP ultra-shallow Shoalbuster Coastal Roamer are working on reinforcing the 32,5 kilometer long dike.


Coastal Roamer and Coastal Enterprise are being deployed for a broad range of marine activities, including the transportation of barges in ultra-shallow waters. After having shown their true worth to the client, both vessels and their crew were delegated the challenging task of loading rock barges on even keel, to achieve the desired draft in order to reach the shallows near the dike.


If you drive on the Afsluitdijk and take the exit at Breezanddijk, there is a good change that you will see both vessels operating in this Unesco World Heritage area.