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Coastal Enterprise

Coastal Enterprise

Coastal Enterprise is a DP Ultra Shallow Draft Support Vessel with a spacious deck area and a minimal draft of 1 meter 23. Coastal Enterprise's accommodation and deck lay out is recently completely renovated. This vessel operates in several projects, i.e. Seismic support and CPT/ Vibrocore campaigns in various water depths. Coastal Enterprise is active in Dredging & Marine Construction.

DP Ultra Shallow Draft Support Vessel - 2160 hp, 30 tons winch, 240 tm crane
Dimensions: 39,00 x 11,50 m
Draft: min. 1,12 m - max. 1,40 m
Power output: 1588kW
Propulsion: Twin fpp in nozzles, 1 rudderpropeller & 2 azimuth bow thrusters
Bollard Pull: 16 ton