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Coastal Chariot – part of Acta Marine’s fleet of multipurpose vessels

14 August 2018

Acta Marine has deployed one of its Ultra Shallow Draft Multipurpose Support Vessels – Coastal Chariot – to assist the start of a pipe pulling project. The company’s Project Manager for the contract, Sinclair McWilliam, highlights the vessel’s key features that are enabling the efficient execution of the operations.

Coastal Chariot has the power; 4000hp and 36 tonnes of bollard pull, to be precise. But she also has the accuracy to work in shallow waters of less than three metres deep when working on DP. This makes the Coastal Chariot a unique asset for a coastal project like this.”


At this point it is important to mention that Coastal Chariot is not Acta Marine’s only Multipurpose Support Vessel. The company currently has twelve similar vessels in operation. And, looking at some of their completed projects, it is clear to see that their versatility is being called on for multiple sectors. Notable examples include oil and gas, offshore wind, dredging, as well as survey duties.


“These are the most versatile vessels in operation today,” Sinclair says. “If you need support for your shallow draft projects, just get in contact with us.”