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Offshore Performer modified for multiple roles

Offshore Performer has recently started a contract for a dredging and construction company in Morocco.

Sara Maatje X tests oil recovery system

Acta Marine has been involved in the Mittelplate project since 1981. This is a Drilling and Production Island in the German Wadden Sea that is operated by DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG. Our work there primarily consists of crew transfer and platform supply duties.

Acta Orion reveals impressive uptime stats at Gemini

Acta Orion – Acta Marine’s new Construction Support Vessel – has completed its first contract at the Gemini offshore wind farm.

Construction of a private artificial island, Qatar

Coastal Rambler (formerly DMS Globe) keeps busy in the Persian Gulf

After finalising a long term charter in the oilfields of Abu Dhabi, Acta Marine’s DMS Globe was contracted to assist a construction project in Qatar. This involved the construction of a private artificial island development. DMS Globe’s effectiveness in shallow water conditions played an important role in the project, ensuring its smooth and efficient completion.

Coastal Saga deployed as Dive Support vessel

Coastal Saga has been contracted to support a gas production platform called Mibale. During the first days of the project, the vessel had to position two mooring buoys in the Republic Democratic of Congo, within a 30 meters range of the production platform. During this 43-day project, the Coastal Saga once again exceeded the customer’s expectations.

Support beach replenishment project

Offshore Performer was contracted to support a beach replenishment project at Bournemouth Beach on the South Coast of England. Erosion had taken its toll and the beach was in great need of replenishment; hence a large hopper dredger was brought into service to bring sand ashore. 

Dredging and reclamation project Taiwan

Coastal Ace has been contracted to support a European Dredging Company during the expansion of the Kaohsiung International Container Centre Phase II in Taiwan. 

Escondida Water Supply, Chile

As part of the expansion of a desalination plant designed to produce water for copper processing, the Coastal Chariot assists in the installation engineering, and construction of two seawater intakes and one outfall system in Puerto Coloso.

The history of the Panter

Acta Marine’s small tug Panter has been working at the Port of Rotterdam for over forty years. During these years, the vessel has been supporting the well-known dredging companies, engaged in the maintenance of the access channels to and from the Port of Rotterdam.

Gemini wind farm

Located 85 kilometers above the coast of Groningen, the new offshore wind farm Gemini promises to be one of the largest wind farms in the world. It is under construction in the Dutch sector of the North Sea. The Coastal Chariot is operated in assistance of Gemini’s construction.